Cloud Servers, Acquisition of Web-Hosting Company & much more.

I hope you all are having an excellent summer! As new Aarthik Barsha (Economic Year) is getting started. In the web hosting industry this is the beginning of our "busy season" as people are returning from audit pressures, management pressures etc. For us at Nest Nepal, We have many announcements: Transformation to Cloud We will start ... Read More »

15th Jul 2022
Request for Customers to Change the Shared IP on DNS Management Platform

Dear Customer,   We have changed the IP for Server5 due to Heavy DDoS attacks. If you are using Cloudflare or any Other DNS Management Application, Please re-verify your Shared IP Address by Logging in to your cPanel from Client Area and checking whether the IP used is Correct or not.   Also, If your LVE Limits aren't functioning properly, ... Read More »

18th May 2022